About Basic Moto Co.

Welcome to Basic Moto Company – a proud US-based brand where the thrill of motocross meets everyday fashion. We're the original creators of the 'I Love Moto Mom' t-shirt and collection, a tribute that has resonated with hearts and tracks across the nation.

Born in the USA, our journey is fueled by a deep passion for the sport and a profound respect for the community it brings together. From the unstoppable Moto Moms to the dedicated Moto Dads and the adrenaline-loving dirt bike fans, our collection is a celebration of this vibrant lifestyle.

What sets us apart? It's our roots. As an American original, we were the first to launch the 'I Love Moto Mom' series, a heartfelt nod to the incredible moms who power every rider and race. Our apparel goes beyond just clothing; it's a symbol of honor for the families that are the backbone of motocross.

Here at BMC, we blend top-notch materials with designs that echo the spirit of the track. Whether you're trackside rooting for your favorite rider or expressing your motocross love in daily life, our gear is crafted for you – the true heartbeats of this exhilarating world.

Join the BMC family and embrace the motocross journey. We’re not just any brand; we're a community of enthusiasts united by our love for the sport, proudly representing our US heritage in every design.

Thanks for being part of our story and for helping us share the motocross spirit from coast to coast. Let's keep the legacy alive, one race, one tee at a time.

With Passion and Pride,

Your Friends at BMC 🏁🇺🇸